#Army Turns To Ancient Indian Texts To Prepare For Wars Of The Future


The Army is now going back in time to reclaim “India’s age-old wisdom in statecraft, strategy, diplomacy and warfare” to prepare for the battles of future. It has launched “Project Udbhav”, a “pioneering initiative to rediscover the profound Indic heritage of statecraft and strategic thoughts derived from ancient Indian texts”, an Army spokesperson said Friday.

The Army Training Command (ARTRAC) in collaboration with the United Service Institution of India (USI) held the first hybrid seminar under the project, which was titled: “Evolution of Indian military systems, war-fighting and strategic thought – current research in the field and way forward” on Friday.

Some veterans were quick to jump into the fray. “In ‘this is not an era of war’, one has to genuinely wonder where such deep & ancient concepts of Indian strategy fit in within the overall scheme of modern day and future conflict? ARTRAC ought not to lose sight of the possible methods of waging modern war in archaic rumination,” posted Maj Gen Birender Dhanoa (retired) on’X’.

Since 2021, under the aegis of Indian Army, a project has been underway to compile Indian stratagems based on ancient texts. A book, which lists 75 aphorisms selected from ancient texts, is already out. The scope of discussion on Friday, attended by scholars, serving officers & veterans, included the study of ancient texts from 4th century BC to 8th century BC, with special focus on Kautilya, Kamandaka, and The Kural. Chaired by adviser in the defence ministry Lt-Gen Vinod G Khandare (retired), the keynote address was delivered by the Army’s director-general strategic planning, Lt-Gen Raju Baijal.

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