Air India: Nonstop Flights to Phuket Signal Bold Expansion Move, Challenges IndiGo's Dominance

Air India, India’s premier international carrier, sets its sights on Phuket, Thailand, marking a significant expansion in its global network.

Commencing operations from December 15, 2023, the airline plans four weekly flights initially, ramping it up to a daily service by January 8, 2024. Phuket leads the pack among four new international destinations slated for launch by Air India before March 2024.

Thailand’s recent inclusion of India in its visa-free countries list from November 10, 2023, till May 2024 adds to the allure. While several carriers operate between the two countries, IndiGo reigns as the sole provider of flights to Phuket.

The move aligns with Thailand’s drive to bolster tourism by simplifying visa requirements, reaffirming its position as a global travel hotspot. Air India leverages its operational cohesion to facilitate seamless passenger transfers, gaining an edge over its competitors.

Air India’s strategic move aims to challenge IndiGo’s monopoly on nonstop Delhi-Phuket flights. The airline aims to capture a chunk of the approximately 5,000 daily passengers between India and Thailand, particularly the 200 flying nonstop from Delhi to Phuket.

With an eye on interline arrangements and plans for potential Mumbai-Phuket flights, Air India aims to disrupt IndiGo’s stronghold on the market. Their recent aircraft induction spree further bolsters their expansion plans, signaling their intent to compete aggressively.

While challenges loom, including higher operational costs compared to IndiGo, Air India’s bold steps signify a shift in its strategy. The airline’s calculated risk-taking and ambition for regional expansion hint at a dynamic future.

Air India’s maneuvers not only challenge IndiGo’s dominance but also indicate a broader shift in the airline’s approach. As the battle for market share intensifies, the aviation industry braces for a fierce contest between these aviation giants.

(With inputs from agencies)


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An India-EU Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on semiconductors was signed on Friday, ahead of the Trade and Technology Council meeting in New Delhi, according to the Ministry of External Affairs press release.

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