India lays down new road to Daulat Beg Oldi, secures key point at LAC


India is on the threshold of completing a major project which will provide the country with an alternative route to the remote but Indian Army's strategically important outpost near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), said the top officials on Thursday (Sep 28) as reported by an English daily.

The new road, which will connect India’s northernmost military base Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO), will allow the movement of weapons, logistics and soldiers for reinforcements on the front lines.

As reported, the new road is not visible from across the LAC, which is an advantage that the only existing road to DBO from Darbuk does not have. Also, since the road is far away from the LAC it will remain less vulnerable to any attack launched from across the LAC.

An official said that the road will be ready by November-end to support critical military movement and should be fully blacktopped in a year, reported the Hindustan Times. More than 2000 people have been working towards meeting the deadline.

The construction of the 130km long road, which runs from Sasoma in the Nubra Valley to DBO near the Karakoram Pass, is in its final phase. The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is required to finish a stretch in steep glaciated terrain and it will be constructing a bridge on the Shyok River.

BRO places road under Hardness Index-III, classifies it as tough project

An official told the English daily that they are using the latest technologies to remove “construction hurdles in the final lap”. The road has been placed under Hardness Index-III, which is the top-most classification of BRO for tough projects.

The existing Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldi (DS-DBO) road, which is 255km long, runs near the LAC. Darbuk and Sasoma are accessible from Leh via two different road axes.

The officials further confirmed that various key sections of the Sasoma-Saser La-Saser Brangsa-Gapshan-DBO road were completed.

Former Northern Army commander Lieutenant General DS Hooda (retd), told HT that ‘Sub Sector North’, which consists of Karakoram Pass, Depsang plains and the DBO landing ground, is a strategically important area.

“The DS-DBO road leading to this area runs close and parallel to the LAC for much of its length north of Galwan. It could be interdicted during operations, cutting off support to troops in this sector. An alternative route via Nubra Valley and over Saser La provides a safer road that cannot be easily interfered with. Constructing a road over the glaciated region of Saser La was a huge challenge and BRO should be complimented for overcoming this,” Hooda stated.

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